“You are both gentlemen…or something” – debating Greece with Lorcan Roche Kelly

This week I spoke at Camp Alphaville in London. It was good fun. Among other things I had great fun arguing with my good friend Lorcan Roche Kelly about Greece. As usual Lorcan and I do not agree on anytihing.

See the “fight” here.

And if you want to see Lorcan and I arguing last year at Camp Alphaville about the ECB (Lorcan claims he won that argument…) see here.

PS FT Alphaville’s Cardiff Garcia orchestrated the whole thing.

PSS see also my earlier post How the RECOVERY will look like when Greece leaves the euro.

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  1. Tom Warner

     /  July 4, 2015

    I included a response to this debate in my latest post. The main point of it is to explain why older people will be voting yes and younger people no on Sunday. Which has to do with the asymmetrical effects of devaluation: the young are far more likely to gain than the old.

    Besides that, I think the scenario you describe/imply of a truly floating currency and no significant deterioration of other policies is a longshot, and I think there’s no debating that Argentina’s boom was commodity-export driven. Cheers.



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