Join the Global Monetary Policy Network (GMPN)

Since I started blogging back in October 2011 I have been so lucky to get in contact with a large number of economists others with interest in monetary policy issues. That has been very rewarding and I want to thank everybody that are reading and commenting on my blog. You make it more inspiring for me to blog.

However, I would like to get in contact with even more ‘monetary nerds’ around the world and I would also love to help facilitate contacts between others with similar interests.

I am therefore setting up a Global Monetary Policy Network (GMPN). GMPN is not a club or an association, but more like a database of ‘monetary nerds’ around the world.

I therefore welcome all of you to drop me a mail about your own interests in monetary policy, monetary theory and monetary history. Let me know about your background and why you are interested in monetary issues. So are you interested in monetary policy or monetary history – or financial and banking regulation for that matter?

I will not make any of the information public, but I hope to be able to bring ‘monetary nerds’ from around the world together.

So if you for example are a PhD student from Sweden who would like to research mobile banking in Africa I might be able to bring you in contact with an Kenyan economics professor or are you a central banker in Europe that would like to learn about banking resolution in New Zealand then I might have a contact for you.

You might also be a journalist who is interested in getting into contact with monetary experts around the world.

So in that sense I see GMPN as a possibility to build a database of interesting people. There are no conditions for joining the network and it is obviously for free. Economics professor, students, journalists and policy makers are all very welcome.

Finally it is certainly no condition that you are a Market Monetarist or think NGDP targeting is a great idea. The only condition is that you have an interest in monetary issues and is willing to share some information about yourself with me.

To join GMPN just drop me a mail at

For those of you I already know I also welcome you to drop me a mail – so I can update my “data” on you and your interests.

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