Roubini of Central and Eastern Europe? Me?

From FT Alphaville:

“Lars Christensen, head of research at Danske Bank – the Nouriel Roubini of eastern Europe thanks to his perennial bearishness Cassandra-like status after warning of dangerous imbalances in emerging Europe in 2006 – reckons so. The Swiss National Bank should restate in strong terms it will provide liquidity to a select few central banks in the region and the IMF could signal its willingness to proffer contingent credit lines, he tells FT Alphaville. These are fair points but we are not so sure that the SNB will be willing to take proactive measures to help Hungary, for example, after its aggressive and contentious move to restructure FX mortgages, sparkingaccusations of asset expropriation.”

I am not really head of research at Danske Bank, but head of Emerging Markets at Danske Bank, but ok close enough. Nouriel is a Keynesian – that I am certainly not…

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  1. How about the Gustav Cassel of eastern Europe? Good enough for your ego, Lars? 🙂

    And Roubini hasn’t been very good with his predictions.

  2. Peter, I would be very proud if somebody called me the Cassel of anything. I have no reason to say anything bad about my old friend Nouriel, but he is a keynesian so I would be much more to be called the Cassel Eastern Europe;-)


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