Scott Sumner on Lars von Trier

I never thought I would mention the Danish movie director Lars von Trier in one of my posts, but here we go. After all I am Danish and I share the first name with von Trier.

Other than being a leading Market Monetarist Scott Sumner also is a movie buff. He has a post today in which he has list of movies he likes. Number 3 on the list is von Trier’s Melancholia.

Here is what Scott has to say about it:

“Melancholia (Danish/English) 3.7 From the opening image you know you are in the hands of a master filmmaker. The only thing that keeps him from being universally recognized as a great director is that his subject matter doesn’t make people feel “comfy.” Completely unrealistic and yet utterly authentic.”

I am no big fan of von Trier and surely has a hard time understanding what is point is in most of his movies, but I never watched Melancholia and now Scott has recommend it I think I better watch it.

And then a little secret. I never met Scott in real life, but I met von Trier. In fact I have a minor roll in von Trier’s The Kingdom (In Danish Riget) and I mean minor (7 seconds or so…).

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