Lee Kelly attracts some attention

Lee Kelly’s recent guest post on my blog have created a bit of attention.

See here:

Economics Sophisms: Let a thousand monies bloom
Facts & other stubborn things: Lee Kelly on Money and Free Banking
Economic Thought: The Apple as a Whole
This is what is great about the blogosphere – a lot of real-time debate about important economic issues. No censuring. No delays. Do we really need economic journals? Yes, we do, but the blogosphere certainly is contributing improving the development of economic theory and is deepening our understanding of economic issues.

PS Sometimes the debate in the blogosphere becomes less civil – that is unfortunate, but seems to be how it sometimes is. My friend Marcus Nunes is having a bit of a fight with Brad DeLong. See Marcus’ Open letter to DeLong here.

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  1. dkuehn

     /  April 1, 2012

    Thanks for sharing Lee’s post initially, and my comment here.

    And thanks also for calling attention to Nunes even though he’s your friend. I knew a lot of people had a bad attitude about Brad and Paul, but now apparently Brad can’t defend his own paper and his own co-author without being called a fraud and a bullshit artist! That’s pretty sad. Williamson has been pretty nasty about it too.

    • dkuehn – Please get it right! I never called or even implied anyone was a “bullshit artist” or a fraud. Those are DeLongs words.

  2. Thank you Daniel.

    I don’t really want to get involved in this fight. To be fair I have not read DeLong’s and Summer’s paper.

    Anyway, I hope we can convince Lee to respond to your views. Jon also has a response to you.

  3. dkuehn:

    Marcus Nunes thought he was dealing with an imposter, and dealt with the putative imposter rudely (who turned out to be the real DeLong) and that train of events led to a misunderstanding.

    Nunes is a nice guy, and would never censor debate or treat someone rudely who had responded to his blogging.

    In contrast, Stephen Williamson routinely deletes comments. But a funny thing about bloggers who routinely delete comments—they seem to slip out of view. People stop reading them.


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