How can you tell an internet “Austrian”?

Here is Lorenzo from Oz in a comment on Scott’s blog:

Q: How can you tell an internet “Austrian”?
A: They have successfully predicted 10 of the last 0 bouts of hyperinflation.

Lorenzo is a genius!

HT Michał Gamrot

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  1. And, I suppose, some MMTers will say, coming from the opposite side of the Austrians, that Argentina´s experiment with a completely subservient Central Bank brings no risk of hyperinflation.

  2. I aim to please 🙂

  3. Lorenzo you indeed do!

  4. Marcus: nice one. Just like Zimbabwe perhaps?

  5. At any moment, any nation is one inch away from becoming the Weimar Republic (and Nazism inevitable), or Zimbabwe or Argentina.

    Nations with long records of moderate inflation and prosperity (which includes most Western economies) are anomalies.

  6. Yes Benjamin, that is the mindset encapsulated nicely 🙂

  1. Skepticlawyer » About Austrian economics

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