1930s style Greek politics

During the 1930s the political environment became increasing radicalized across Europe. You all the know the story – nazi and communist holligans fighting the streets, Spanish civil war and Hitler’s rise to power.

Unfortunately today’s Greek democracy is becoming increasingly radicalized as well. Just take a look at this TV “debate”. I have no clue what the communists and nazis are screaming at each other, but I think the pictures tell a story of deteriorating democracy.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are for the Greek people. I can only imagine how difficult life is for them at present. I’ve heard stories about orphanages filling up over there, and being a mom myself, I could only imagine the heartbreak. I tried doing a survey of the social history of the Great Depression in the US once. I grew up during the Great Inflation and things were tough for my family, but there was never anything of that magnitude going on around me. I had no idea at all what I would learn about. I couldn’t finish it, and I wished it possible to be able to unlearn it and regain my naivete regarding such a dark chapter in human history.


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