The eagle has landed – Bob Hetzel visits Denmark

It is rather seldom we get worldclass economists to Copenhagen, but in the coming week that is going to change as Robert Hetzel is in town. The Danish free market think tank Cepos has invited Bob to speak a seminar tomorrow (Monday) night. I will certainly make sure to be there!

Bob will be in Copenhagen a couple of days and it is also planned that Bob will speak at seminars at the Danish central bank as well as at the University of Copenhagen.

I guess that most of my readers are familiar with who Bob Hetzel is, but for the rest of you I just need to say that I think that Bob is one of the foremost monetary specialists in the world today and Bob is of course the author of the greatest book on the present crisis – “The Great Recession: Market Failure or Policy Failure?”

Welcome to Copenhagen Bob – I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

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  1. Accost him! Interview him! Tell him about Scott! Say everything that Scott would say! Ask him about recent events! Get your copy of the book autographed!

  1. Happy birthday Bob! | The Market Monetarist

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