This is not a book – “Markets Matter, Money Matters”

Since I started my blog back in October 2011 I written more than 550 blog posts. I have now collected a few of them. It is certainly not a book. It is completely unedited and I haven’t thought much about the structure – you can choose to see it as a random collection of blog posts. But have a look at the non-book Markets Matter, Money Matters. I hope to be able to update it from time to time. God knows what it will turn into…

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  1. troopa

     /  March 20, 2013

    Thats a great idea! It will certainly help spreading these ideas around now that its in PDF version. btw. Love the title 😀

  2. 50+ years have passed since I studied some economics in school, so there are some things that I don’t understand. In reading your “Book” I’m learning a lot. But I need more explanation for the following sentence in the blog on NGDP targeting: Under a futures based NGDP regime this would be completely automatic and “market determined”. I would like to know more concretely what acts the Fed would take to carry out this regime. I realize most of your readers understand the sentence. I think I understand it in a very abstract way, but I want to see some of the “gears” and how they “drive” the machine. I’m sure you or somebody else has written something that will give me more insight.
    Thank you for help and thank you for your blog.

  3. Alex Salter

     /  March 20, 2013


  4. Gerard P. Cannie

     /  March 20, 2013

    Thank you for this. It’s been good reading–as far as I’ve gotten so far. My only suggestion is that you might want to add dates. All of your posts are relative to a particular time frame but the PDF has no dates associated with the posts. Things make sense now. It’ll be more difficult in 5 or so years–at least to those of us who are terrible at remembering the dates of historical events.

  5. Andy

     /  March 27, 2013

    If you edit this into a short book, we will pay you in appreciative tweets. (Actually you should do a cheap ebook and make a few bucks.)

  1. This is not a book – “Markets Matter, Money Matters” | Fifth Estate

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