I am pretty bad at playing pool (there is no economics in this story)

A couple of days ago I was playing pool with Mathias my 3-year old son (we are still on vacation). Or rather I was playing and he was telling me what balls to hit and where to pocket them.

That led to the following conversation:

Mathias: “Dad are you are professor?” (he meant to ask me whether I was a professional)

My reply: “No unfortunately not” (I really would love to call myself professor – never mind the professional part)

Mathias looked around the room looking for somebody who could listen to him and said “Can somebody please help my dad?”

I guess he was not too impressed with his dad’s skills at the pool table…I think I will stick to economics for now.

But sorry for not blogging too much these days – I am working on improving my pool skills and spending time in the pool.

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