Giles Wilkes is back!

Here is some good news for the blog readers, but some bad news for the UK government – my friend Giles Wilkes has left the UK government and is now back in the real life and more importantly he is back blogging. I highly recommend to everybody to follow Giles’ blog Freethinking Economist – A voice of reason against illiberal nonsense.

Anybody who knows Giles knows that he has been a passionate advocate for nominal GDP targeting within the UK government. Giles of course for the paste four years has served as Special Adviser (spad) to UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vincent Cable.

Prior to serving as spad for Vince Cable Giles was Chief Economist at the self-described liberal think-tank Centre Forum. (For my American readers – remember ‘liberal’ has a somewhat different meaning in the UK than in the US). 

I very much look forward to reading Giles’ take on the UK economy in the future and I am convince that we now have one more UK based Market Monetarist blogger. Giles is not only blogging on monetary issues, but also on contemporary economic and political issues.

I also expect to disagree with Giles on a number of (non-monetary) issues as I general consider him to be to the left of my own views (most people are…), but that will certainly not stop me from reading Giles’ blog. If I have learned anything of the over the past 5-6 years it is that cognitive dissonance is the biggest threat to economic reasoning in the world. To be right you have to on a daily basis confront your own views. So I actually hope that I from time to time will disagree with Giles even though I am very certain that we will agree on major monetary policy issues.

Follow Giles on Twitter here (you can follow me here).

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