A random day in my global life – a celebration of free trade

I am writing this on an American designed computer – probably assembled somewhere in China.

Today I have spoken with an Indian and two Americans on the Phone (which is Japanese) – located in Denmark, Poland and Latvia.

I drove with Uber – a brilliant American idea – the driver was of Pakistani origin. He told me (speaking fluent Danish) that he and his wife speak Danish at home with their four kids but when they argue they argue in Spanish (his wife is Spanish-Pakistani) and Urdu.

Now I am home with my Danish wife – who grew up in Africa and who speaks fluent Lao – and my daughter. Our son is in Sweden at the Christensen vacation home with my parents.

Soon we will put on a movie on Netflix – another great American idea – or I might check out MyHeritage for the latest lead on my Southern Swedish origin (I got a nice mail from a helpful Swedish guy on that earlier today).

I am funding this by selling my services to corporations and financial institutions around the world.

If you want to close the borders for the free movement of labour, goods and capital then you want me to have a much worse life.

Long live free trade!

And now try to reconstruct YOUR DAY from a globalist perspective… and please share.

PS Did I mention I had Mexican food and French wine for lunch?

PPS 5 or 6 people from all over the world today asked me to link up on Linkedin today. I am extremely happy to get to know them all – whether they live in India or Israel.

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  1. Hans Nilsson

     /  May 27, 2015

    I second that…..


  2. Per Groenborg

     /  May 28, 2015

    Woke up in London. Had breakfast with a Finn and a Swedish guy with Polish roots. Went for the NDA CMD to listen to a bunch of Skandinavians talk about dividend and not earnings – strange new world of banking! Small chats with people from many places. Finally a couple of meetings: an englishman as well as a Dane living in London. Off for some quick japanese food before boarding a Skandinavian plane and finally a taxi driven by a guy from most likely the middle east that had now idea where he was going – probably should look for Uber next time. All day connected to the world with my chinese pad (real chinese, not american chinese) and my less reliant Finnishphone ( bought in NY). Got home to see that my new Korean phone will be delivered today while watching a Spanish team defeat an Ukranian team on TV.

  3. It doesn’t take a lot of money to participate in what the world has to offer, either. I enjoy online pictures from around the world as an “armchair traveler”. And this week – savoring coffee from El Salvador. In fact, there’s some just brewed in the coffee pot…

  4. Emilio Zapata

     /  June 10, 2015

    What a great globalist you are ! Why should capitalism not enslave the hell out of the remaining planet while it can, and what the heck does it matter that your grandsons or even sons die by eating transgenic poison -a great US invention- and polluted water ?

    The truth is that when you say “globalisation” you mean CAPITALISM -the XIX century paradigm bringing humanity to extinction, and the only real global things here are RADIOACTIVITY, CO2 and transgenic pollution, from Japan to California. Bloody nightmares that even you and your naive pupils will suffer too !!!


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