Christensen on Tour – I will be in the US in October

It surely has been some very interesting and busy months since I in May resigned from Danske Bank to start my own business. In this post I want to share with you a bit of the things I am doing and planning to do in the future.

One can overall say that the purpose of going on my own was for me to be completely free to shape my own professional life and that included taking a small step away from the day-to-day movements from the financial markets and moving a bit closer to the life of a “public intellectual” and as an advisor on longer-term economic and financial issues both to companies, institutional investors, but also to governments and central banks. And finally I have wanted to make room for pursuing academic interests a bit more than earlier have been possible. For now things are moving pretty much in this direction.

One can overall say that I am doing three things:

Public speaking. I have made a deal with a great London-based speaking agent Specialist Speakers who are helping me with my speaking engagements. You can see my speaker profile with Specialist Speakers here.

If you are interesting in booking me for a keynote speech or a presentation then don’t hesitate to contacting my agent Roz Hanna at Specialist Speakers ( You can obviously also contact me directly.

Commentary. I have long had an urge to get (even) more involved in the public debate particularly of course about monetary policy issues, but also other issues. I have done this through my blog, but this blog is quite wonkish and it will stay like that.

However, I have also wanted to reach a broader audience and I am therefore happy that the Danish business daily Børsen has asked me to write a weekly column. In my column I focus primarily on international economics and financial issues including of course on what I know most about – monetary policy and Emerging Markets.

My weekly column will also be out in other languages than Danish and I am presently negotiating with a couple of newspapers and websites about syndicating the column internationally. So if you are a newspaper or website editor and think this could also be of interest to you feel free to drop me a mail (

Advisory. I have set-up an advisory with what I believe is a suiting name for a Market Monetarist – Markets & Money Advisory – where I will be advising companies, institutional investors, governments and central banks on the issues, which I know most about – international economic and financial issues, Emerging Markets, geo-politics and obviously monetary policy.

As part of my advisory business I likely will start to publish a subscription-only monthly or bi-monthly newsletter on the global economy and markets. It will be a fairly short paper (4-5 pages), which will provide my take on the global economy and markets in the style of my blog, but while my blog is mostly about what policy makers odd to do the newsletter will rather be on what I think will happen in the markets and economies. In that sense it will be “verbal forecasting”, but I will also focus on what I think the markets are telling us about the world as I strongly believe that the markets are better at forecasting than any economist is. If you find such newsletter of interest I am eager to get feedback – both on the content and on whether it could be of interest to you. So drop me a mail.

I will be in the US in October – will we meet?

As mentioned above part of my business will be to do public speaking and this will be bring me to the US in October, where I will be speaking in Dallas on October 22 both at SMU Cox Business School and at the Dallas Fed.

I am always happy to visit the US and I obviously want to make the most of it so if you want me to speak at your investor conference, at a business roundtable or a lunch meeting or for that matter at your business school or university in October please let me know. You can drop me ( or my agent a mail.

And obviously if you want to meet to discuss advisory business, while I am in the States I am happy to do that as well.

Feel free to share this post.

PS did I say that I might start writing a book soon?

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