Ronald Reagan comments on Donald Trump’s immigration plan

I can’t stand protectionism in any form. Therefore, I get terribly upset when I hear calls for closed borders – also when it comes to immigration. Therefore I am not impressed with this either:

(Donald) Trump outlined three “core principles”: that the U.S. must build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border, that immigration laws must be fully enforced and that “any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.”

…He would also consider tariffs and foreign aid cuts and would seize “all remittance payments derived from illegal wages.”

I could of course comment on Donald Trump’s plans to turn the US into North Korea myself, but I will instead leave it to a president, who Trump claims made the US great. Watch Ronald Reagan’s comments on Trump’s “Wall” here.

And if that is not enough for you take a look at this.

HT Steve Horwitz

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  1. Isn’t Milton Friedman relevant here: he said IF you’re going to have open borders you cannot have a welfare state.

    • Friedman is ALWAYS relevant – also in this case. But yes, there is a conflict between open borders and welfare benefits. The problem, however, is not immigration, but the welfare state.

      Watch this by the way:

      • Richard A.

         /  August 16, 2015

        The problem is with democracy. Poorly educated immigrants and their descendants simply vote for those politicians that expand welfare benefits.

  2. Can you please put a contact reference button “or something” on this website so I can contact your agent at said speakers bureau. Perhaps you already have this posted, I haven’t looked.
    Bill in New Yawk

  3. samo794

     /  August 17, 2015

    Ronald Reagan was great actor and poor economist. Opening borders while having real wage stagnation… only debt casino could handle it.
    Never give up your dreams. Keep on dreaming.

  4. bill

     /  August 17, 2015

    Consider this: we are being invaded
    daily by many kinds of people. A small
    per cent age of these are our most deadly enemies. To deny this, is to deny reality —- perhaps
    because you are a lecturing (liberal?)
    No country has ever survived an invasion of this magnitude!
    Your kindness and beneficence to
    these migrant masses is generous but
    will result in the demise of the United States. Sooner, rather than later.

  5. Jean

     /  August 21, 2015

    Lars – he wrote a book “The Art of Making the Deal” and that is what he is doing here. He’s setting out a maximalist position now, in order to force the other side to make concessions. The American left is incoherent on policy – they complain about income inequality but want open borders. They embrace multiculturalism, without realizing the melting pot made society function in the past: Now, they want a salad bowl.

  6. John

     /  August 29, 2015

    Lars, a large percentage of so-called conservatives in the US are nothing of the sort. They’re really just looking for somebody to affirm their rage, anger and bigotry. They’re largely put-upon, self pitying conspiracy theory nuts and delusional lunatics who care nothing for facts and they’ll buy into a demagogue populist like Trump in a heartbeat because they adore his unapologetic personality and the “truthiness” of the feelings it gives them (feelings of anger, spite, revenge, power and privilege): not because of his moral character, or courage and leadership in business, government or war, or political ideals.. . but because he gives them permission to self righteously hate and scapegoat others without limit… and anybody that can do that has their love, no matter his history or ideals, or any other evidence staring them in the face. They’re really “Dixicrat” populists who never got over the Civil War and their slaves being taken away, and the GOP fought to have them (decades ago), and now they’re an albatross around necks.


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