My speaking engagements in Q1 – do you want to see me?

I have been lucky to be very busy since I resigned from Danske Bank back in May – both with my advisory business (Markets & Money Advisory), my commentary and my speaking engagements and all indications are that I will continue to be busy for the rest of the year, but there is still a bit of space in the calendar in Q1 2016 – so if you need me to speak at a seminar or at a conference you might still be able to book me.

Everybody who knows me knows that I am happy to talk about everything to do with economics, but here is a few ideas:

  • Why China will never be the largest economy in the world
  • The end of the ‘dollar bloc’
  • The euro as a monetary strangulation mechanism
  • What is monetary policy and central banking – an introduction
  • Russia’s continued economic crisis
  • How will Africa weather the China long-term slowdown?
  • More Open Borders, Much Less Aid
  • The US economy in 2016 – what is most important: The Fed or the presidential elections?
  • Should commodity exporters ‘target’ the export price?
  • Oil prices, monetary policy and the crisis in the Gulf States economies
  • Long-term challenges to global Emerging Markets
  • 1930s style politics: Monetary policy failure and the emergence of Trump, Sanders, Orban, Syriza and Golden Dawn
  • “When goods don’t cross borders, Soldiers will”
  • Long live for the ‘currency war’ – how the global competition to print money will pull us out of the crisis
  • Prediction markets – why governments and central banks should stop making forecasts and instead leave it to the market

Do you have ideas for other topics you want me to talk about? Please let me know!

Also please check out my speaker profile at Specialist Speakers.

If you are interested in booking me please write my agent Roz Hanna ( or me ( directly.

For an example of my “shows” see my recent lecture at Columbia University.

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