The War on Drugs – An Economist’s perspective

The are few policies as damaging as the global War on Drugs.

Most economists – including myself – thinks that the War on Drugs is doing a lot of damage and very little good.

In fact it seems like the only people benefiting from this war are the criminals selling  and producing the drugs. It is time to end this war. It is extremely costly in terms of loses of human life, it has caused a massive increase in crime around the world and even to the social and economic collapse of certain nations.

The War on Drugs even helps fund terrorists around the world and the cost of enforcing draconian drug laws put a serious burden on tax payers around the world.

On February 7 I gave a speech on this topic at a conference in the Danish Parliament organized by the Danish NGO “Gadejuristen” (The Street Lawyers).

You can watch the presentation here. The presentation is in Danish, but given the opportunity I will be happy to do the same presentation anywhere in the world. Just contact my agent ( or write me directly ( then I am sure we can arrange something.



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  1. Gordon

     /  February 26, 2016

    “In fact it seems like the only people benefiting from this war are the criminals selling and producing the drugs.” I have no way to quantify it but news reports suggest that tech companies are profiting by selling big data solutions to law enforcement to analyze home power consumption and gardening purchases. Every now and then there are news stories about someone’s home being raided by the police because they were running a server farm for bitcoin mining or had purchased gardening supplies to grow hydroponic vegetables. I also recall a news story from a few years ago that said pharmaceutical companies were hoping to generate revenue on the order of billions of dollars from cannibinoid based medicines. So they have an interest in the war on drugs continuing.

  2. Dots

     /  March 10, 2016

    police and prison laborers are doing ok


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