Joining the Advisory Board of the Maghreb Economic Forum

I am happy to announce that I have accepted the offer to join the Advisory Board of the Maghreb Economic Forum (MEF) in Tunisia.

I look forward to advising MEF and helping the think thank’s efforts to further economic and political reform in the Maghreb countries.

The Arab Spring started in Tunisia in late 2010 and I had high hopes that it is could help a process of political and economic reform could spread across Northern Africa and the Middle East.

We all know that there has been a lot of disappointments, but we should not give up. Freedom, prosperity and reform can prevail and I hope to be able to contribute to that through my work with MEF and with other projects in the region.

Since I started Money & Markets Advisory last year I have worked on a number of projects in the Arab speaking world and is likely to continue to do even more work both in Northern Africa and the Gulf States in the future.

I will therefore also invite my readers to send me ideas and suggestions for economic and political reforms in the Arab speaking world and all research on the region will also be of interest (

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  1. Sant Manukyan

     /  March 20, 2016

    congratulations Lars, keep up the good work, we enjoy your posts.


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