Steve Horwitz, Mensch, economist and classical liberal scholar. A last farewell.

One of my great intellectual heroes is no more. Economist and classical liberal scholar Steve Horwitz has died.

Steve lost the fight to cancer. Far too young.

Steve and I was in contact over the years and he was always an extremely kind person and even when we disagreed (which wasn’t often) he always remained a gentleman scholar. A real Mensch.

Steve Horwitz was a great economist and particularly is writing on monetary disequilibrium inspired me a great deal. He was an Austrian and I am a monetarist, but we very much agreed on how to see monetary matters – both of us were inspired by the great economist Leland Yeager.

In recent years I have kept in contact with Steve though social media and again and again I have found myself in agree with Steve’s take on current affairs – both when he has been speaking out populism on the right and the left and in favour of a classical liberal world order.

To me Steve represented the best in classical liberal thinking – freedom, openness, tolerance, peace and optimism.

We have lost Steve far too early but his great scholarly work is still with us and I encourage everybody to read Steve’s books and articles.

My sympathies are with Steve’s wife Sarah and his children.

Rest in Peace Steve. You will be dearly missed.

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  1. Philippe

     /  June 27, 2021

    Extremely sad news – I was following him on Facebook and I know about his condition- I believed he had overtaken the most dangerous part of the illness cycle. We will miss him – and we will read him. RIP Steve.

  2. dave

     /  July 7, 2021

    never knew him but he was a fan of Rush and Hockey


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