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Since the outbreak of the Great Recession a new economic school has emerged basically as a result of blogging on the internet. I have in a recent working paper termed this school Market Monetarism. The purpose of this blog is to follow the theoretical and empirical development of Market Monetarism as well as hopefully contribute to the development of the school.

While other Market Monetarism blogs like Scott Sumner’s www.themoneyillusion.com have a strong focus on day to day developments in especially US monetary policy and the US economy in general I will try to focus more on drawing parallels from current developments to monetary theory as well as to look at monetary history. Furthermore, I believe that Market Monetarist bloggers have been too US centric – for very natural reasons as most of the key Market Monetarist bloggers are based in the US. I will therefore try to see monetary developments in a more international perspective.

In my day job I am Head of Emerging Markets Research at Danske Bank, but the views in the blog will not necessarily represent the views of Danske Bank or Danske Markets. However, my experience as a participant in the international financial markets and my experience with Emerging Market research will undoubtedly colour my blogging. That said, I do not intend on having a special Emerging Markets focus in the blog.

If you have interest in the development of the Market Monetarist paradigm and have done research within or about the paradigm I would be happy to receive your research and see whether I can blog about it. As such I hope my blog can to some extent become a facilitator for Market Monetarist research. I therefore also welcome guest bloggers to blog about their research.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts. Welcome to The Market Monetarist!

Lars Christensen

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