Market Monetarism – now on Wikipedia

Believe it or not – “Market Monetarism” i now on Wikipedia. I have no clue who is behind it, but as far as I can read most of the text makes perfectly good sense. That said, it needs a bit more work…

I will happily volunteer my paper on working paper on “Market Monetarism: The Second Monetarist Counter-revolution” for those who are updating the Wiki text…and I will be happy to allow you to “steal” a bit of text from my working paper – yeah you can even get me the Word file if you like (drop me a mail at

I guess this means that Market Monetarism is not a complete fringe school of thought anymore.


UPDATE: I have been told that the market monetarism wiki article is being “considered for deletion”. I have no clue why that is, but obviously that would be sad to see. It is obvious that some people have been putting in an effort to get “market monetarism” on Wikipedia and to me it looks like an objective and fair description of what market monetarism is about. If you want to you might get involved in “defending” the article.

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  1. As Zorro would say Hi Ho Silver!


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