Nick, Chuck and the central banks

Here is Nick Rowe on central banks and Chuck Norris. If you don’t understand Chuck you don’t understand central banks.



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  1. Benjamin Cole

     /  October 18, 2011


    Krugman has a blog entry on how bloggers are adding to the econmics discourse. I posted this comment. I hope you and Nunes post comments too.

    “Excellent open-mined commentary by Krugman.
    Scott Sumner (The Money Illusion) and the rise of the Market Monetarists is the current example of the blogosphere opening up discourse to “new” people.

    Market Monetarists believe in the Fed publicly and transparently targeting nominal GDP, through conventional and unconventional means. Goldman Sachs recently issued a report saying the same thing. The bloggers brought this idea into the mainstream. “


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